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What are "green" cleaning products?
The products that we use are safe, effective, all natural, enzyme cleaners. Each cleaner contains a unique enzyme formulation designed for its specific task. Additionally, it will be exciting to know that when we use our products we wash away and destroy the organic matter or medium for germs to grow and feed on so they cannot colonize on surfaces. 

Are your cleaning products safe for quartz, granite and wood floors?
Yes, our products are pH neutral so there is no concern for etching or dulling the sealant that is used on quartz, granite and wood flooring.

Is your maid service guaranteed?
Got it Maid offers a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to all its clients. If you are not satisfied with our service, email us within 24 hours and we will re-clean your home until you are 100% satisfied.

Who is going to clean my home?
A trained team of two professional maids. 

Will the same team member always clean my home?
Our goal is to have the same team clean your home every time. However, circumstances like sickness, weather and holidays might cause a different team member to clean your home.

How long does it take to clean my home?
Our cleanings will average 2 to 4 hours to clean a 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms home. However, time will vary depending on the cleaning level, condition and size of your home.

What do I have to do before the cleaning?
In order to provide you with a high quality service, we ask you to take a few minutes the night before to pick up personal clothing, toys and other household items.

Do I need to provide supplies or equipment? 
We use our own supplies and equipment. However, if you have pets, we will ask you to supply a vacuum.

Do I need to sign a contract? 
No, you do not need to sign a binding contract. However, we do encourage you to request a weekly or bi-weekly service to get lower prices.

How would I pay for your services? 
We prefer that you leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter. However, we do accept most major credit cards. Payment is due the day of the cleaning once all work is completed.